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Master of Law

Number of Establishment Decree : 501/M/Kp/IX/2015, Dated September 10, 2015
Signatory Officer of the Establishment Decree : Mohamad Nasir
Month & Year of Commencement of Implementation : January 2016
Accreditation Rating (Score). : B (Good) | Download the Accreditation Certificate
Decree Number of BAN-PT : 4449/SK/BAN-PT/Ak.Ppj/M/X/2023, Dated October 31, 2023
Head of The Study Program : Dr. I Gede Agus Kurniawan, S.H., S.S., M.H.

Vision of the Master of Law Study Program

By still referring to the vision of the Undiknas Graduate School and the UUndiknas Graduate School Strategic Plan, the following vision was created:
Making Undiknas Law Masters Smart in Mastering Law, Professional, Global and Digital Insight based on Tri Hita Karana

Mission of the Master of Law Study Program

Based on this vision and considering the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges, the Undiknas Law Masters study program has the mission that graduates of the Undiknas Law Masters study program:
a. Creating a climate and academic culture that is conducive to educational activities, research and development of legal knowledge that is relevant to the demands and needs of society, especially in the fields of business law, legal of litigation and state law.
b. Organizing Master of Law Education in a professional manner based on Information Technology to produce Masters of Laws who are competent in the field of law, able to compete at the national level and have a global perspective.
c. Organizing education in the field of law that is capable of producing graduates who master and understand law very well based on divine values, ethical values, human and moral values and are able to work in teams.
d. Conducting periodic legal research on local, national and global legal issues within the framework of increasing expertise through studying legal phenomena in anticipation of legal renewal.
e. Conduct community service periodically with the aim of increasing recognition, understanding and awareness of the law as well as public compliance with the enforcement of legal regulations.
f. Facilitating the learning process at the Master of Laws to meet the needs of the community so that graduates are able to solve actual legal problems and provide the best legal services to the community.
g. Carry out various legal activities related to the elements of God (parahyangan), humanity (pawongan) and the environment (palemahan) in order to become graduates who have excellent legal qualifications, have good character in terms of ethics, morals and honesty based on Tri Hita Karana.
h. Establish cooperation through professional community networks in a global-multicultural perspective.

Objectives of the Master of Law Study Program

In order to carry out the mission, the Undiknas Law Masters study program sets several strategic goals with the following formulation:
a. To produce graduates of the Master of Laws who have the spirit of Pancasila and have high personal integrity and good character based on the Tri Hita Karana philosophy.
b. To produce Master of Law graduates who are professional, objective, independent and qualified in conducting legal theory studies and solving legal problems.
c. Producing Master of Law graduates who are responsive to changes and progress in science and technology (Science and Technology), while not abandoning local wisdom values that are still alive and developing.
d. To produce graduates of the Master of Laws who have the ability to apply knowledge and have technological skills, so that they are able to compete at the national and global levels.
e. Producing graduates who master scientific principles and knowledge in the field of law very well, so they are able to analyze and find ways of solving legal problems within their scope of expertise.

MILESTONE MASTER OF LAWS (Stages of Achieving Vision)

Even the newest MH Study Program (with the establishment permit in 2015) is ready to compete at the national level, competing with universities in Indonesia. Achievement milestones have also been prepared so that the quality of the MH study program continues to improve and is able to compete in the international environment.

1. Tahun 2017 – 2022 The Master of Law study program will increase its competitiveness at the national level by improving the quality of the Tri Dharma of Higher Education and achieving better national recognition. This recognition can be seen from the accreditation value which has now achieved accreditation B from BAN - PT.
2. Tahun 2022 – 2027 The Master of Law study program will strengthen national competitiveness, one of which is by increasing accreditation status by BAN-PT to obtain the best grade (A) which is done by improving the quality of Tri Dharma Higher Education and governance adjusted to SN DIKTI.
3. Tahun 2027 – 2032 The Master of Law study program is expected to be able to compete at the ASEAN level following in the footsteps of two other study programs, namely the Master of Management study program and the Master of Public Administration study program. This can be done by synergizing with university partners or foreign agencies and adopting international standard governance.
4. Tahun 2032 – 2037 The Master of Law study program is expected to be able to compete at the ASEAN level and start entering competition at the Asian level and eventually become the best 500 study programs in ASIA in 2037 – 2042.

Targets and Achievement Strategies of the Master of Law Study Program

Goals and Achievement Strategies for the Master of Laws

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