Tasks and Responsibilities

The Director of the Post Graduate Program

1.Conducting planning, organizing, movement, and supervision on all resources in the post graduate program in accordance to the guidelines and general policy assigned by the head of the university.
2.Assigning rules, norms, and benchmarks in conducting the education in the post graduate program of Undiknas.

Vice Director

1.Assisting the Director in carrying out the process of education, research and community service and student activities.
2.Assisting the Director in performing guidance, development and supervision of academic and non academic staff in the post graduate program of Undiknas.
3.Coordinating educational activities and teaching, research, as well as community service at post graduate program level along with all of the courses towards scientific community.
4.Creating accountability for all activities in the field of education and teaching, research and community service, as well as student activities.
5.Assisting the Director in conducting other related activities that support the academic activities.

The Heads of the Study Program

1.Conducting schedule arrangement of Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi for the respective study programs.
2.Providing guidance to the students through the course of the learning process, both for concentration selection and for research proposal writing ideas.
3.Creating a curriculum and evaluating curriculum as needed.
4.Creating academic manuals and thesis writing handbooks.
5.Conducting academic planning and lectures organizing.

The Head of the Secretariat

Leading the technical and administrative service in the following scopes :
1.Academic Administration.
2.Human Resources, General and Finance Administration.
3.Library administration.
4.Assisting the executive in preparing the work program as well as budget revenue and expenditure.
5.Conducting an inventory control and maintenance of facilities and infrastructure.
6.Assisting the executive in preparing the annual report.

Financial Unit

Assisting the head of the secretariat in the technical and administrative processes that include the followings :
1.Goods and services supply.
2.The administration of goods receiving, warehousing and goods usage.
3.The administration of inventory and the elimination of goods.
4.The maintenance services of office equipments, means of lectures and other facilities.
5.The data preparation for budget planning and administration.
6.The administration of the payments of honorarium, scripts writers, correction, invigilator, supervisor and thesis examiner.
7.The organization of storage and maintenance of financial documents, securities and other documents.
8.The bookkeeping and budget verification.
9.Making work report

Academic Unit

Assisting the head of the secretariat in the administration of technical and administrative services that include the followings :
1.Coordinating the technical service of the administration of the college examinations and services to the community and lecturers.
2.Developing work program and annual report for Dikti (Higher Education) and Kopertis according to the prevailing standards.
3.Administering graduation meeting as well as evaluating the success of the students study and the administration of the thesis examination.
4.Making a recapitulation of monthly lecturers presences.
5.Preparation of data for the preparation and implementation of the budget

Information Systems Unit

Assisting the head of the secretary in the following terms :
1.Preparing the materials/data for the preparation of annual, accreditation and self-evaluation reports.
2.Preparing the facilities and application systems for online study planning process.
3.Monitoring and maintaining hardware equipments performance.
4.Monitoring academic information system performance, financial information system, and website.
5.Updating the administration data of education and website.
6.Along with the work team, making annual, accreditation, self-evaluation and quality assurance reports.

Students and Alumni Unit

Assisting the head of the secretariat in the following terms :
1.Providing information on the alumni as well other related information about the development of the alumni.
2.Updating data base on the students of the post graduate program of Undiknas Denpasar.
3.Providing information to the students and the alumni regarding the teaching-learning process and the development of the post graduate program of Undiknas Denpasar.

Cleaning Service Unit

Assisting the head of the secretariat in the following terms :
1.The preparation of classrooms, library, computer lab, secretariat, and bathroom cleanliness for the students convenience.
2.The preparation of conducive classrooms for lectures.
3.Providing food for the students in the teaching-learning process.
4.Prepare food for the students in the learning process
5.Assisting the secretariat in conducting lecturing activities especially in terms of copying and binding process, as well as preparing LCD and AC in every room.

Security Unit

Assisting the head of the secretariat in the following terms :
1.Security maintenance at the campus area.
2.Organizing students parking lot on the campus area.
3.Setting the in and out traffic of the campus area.
4.Assisting the cleaning service unit in relation to the use of air conditioning and lighting of the rooms.
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