Task Details

Director of Undiknas Graduate School

1.Carry out planning, organizing, actuating and supervising all existing resources in Undiknas Graduate School in accordance with the directions and general policies given by the Rector
2.Establish a vision, mission, regulations, norms and benchmarks for the implementation of education in Undiknas Graduate School
3.Responsible for the implementation of the Tri Dharma of Higher Education in Undiknas Graduate School
4.Responsible for all academic and non-academic activities in Undiknas Graduate School

Vice Director

1.Assist the Director in carrying out the process of education, research and community service as well as student affairs
2.Assist the Director in directing, developing and supervising academic and non-academic staff in Undiknas Graduate School
3.Coordinating educational and teaching activities, research and community service at the Postgraduate Program level with all study programs towards a scientific community
4.Make accountability for all activities in the fields of education and teaching, research and community service and student affairs
5.Assisting the Director in carrying out other activities related to and supporting academic activities

Head of Study Program

1.Manage and supervise the implementation of lectures
2.Lead Meetings for Preparation of Vision and Mission, Compilation and Changes to Curriculum, Syllabus and Semester Learning Plans and lecture schedules
3.Compilation of Study Program Academic Handbooks and Student Thesis/Dissertation Handbooks
4.Proposing Candidates for Thesis/Dissertation Advisor to the Director
5.Managing research and community service activities and Study Program Journals
6.Leading the Study Program accreditation preparation meeting
7.Report all implementation of Study Program activities to the Director

Head of Academic Development

Leading the implementation of technical and administrative services within the scope of:
1.Academic Administration
2.Human Resources Administration
3.General Administration
4.Supervise inventory and maintenance of facilities and infrastructure
5.Assist the leadership in compiling the annual report

Head of Finance

Assisting in providing technical and administrative services which include:
1.Procurement of goods and services
2.Organizing the administration of goods receipt, warehousing and use of goods
3.Carry out inventory and write-off of goods
4.Office equipment maintenance services, lecture facilities and other facilities
5.Preparation of data for the preparation and execution of the budget
6.Implementation of payment of honorarium and drafting of manuscripts, corrections, examination supervisors, supervisors and thesis examiners
7.Storage and maintenance of financial documents, securities and other documents
8.Bookkeeping and budget verification
9.Making work reports

Manager of Class Organisation

Assisting the Head of Academic Development in administering technical and administrative services which include:
1.Processing new student admissions
2.Coordinating academic administration technical services (lectures, exams, course grades, Advisory Decrees) to students and lecturers
3.Prepare work programs and annual reports for Dikti and Kopertis according to applicable standards
4.Prepare the needs of holding a judiciary meeting as well as evaluating the success of student studies and organizing a thesis session
5.Make recapitulation of lecturer and student attendance every month

Manager of Information Technology

Assist the Head of Academic Development in terms of:
1.Academic data reporting to the Directorate of Higher Education through the Feeder application
2.Printing of diplomas and grade transcripts from the academic management information system
3.Maintenance and monitoring of computer software
4.Maintenance and monitoring of computer hardware (PC, printer/scanner, modem/router, LCD, speakers, etc.)
5.Maintenance and monitoring of academic management information systems, library information systems, academic financial systems, Undiknas Graduate School websites and student information systems
6.Development of new information systems in accordance with the needs and developments of the times using the latest technology
7.Building/creating Undiknas Graduate School Social Media
8.Manage Social Media and Undiknas Graduate School email
9.Create advertising materials and digital promotional schedules
10.Build the image of the Undiknas Graduate School at any time

Librarian Staff

Responsible to the chief librarian in terms of:
1.Carry out the process of borrowing and returning books for students
2.Carry out the process of repair, storage of books
3.Organize library books at any time
4.Maintain security reading room
5.Organize and organize books/newspapers/magazines on a daily basis
6.Making absences for student visits every month
7.Record acceptance of student thesis
8.Record receipt of new books

Cleaning Service

Assist the Head of Academic Development in terms of:
1.Prepare the cleanliness of classrooms, libraries, computer labs, secretariat, bathrooms for the convenience of students
2.Prepare the room for lectures
3.Maintain the cleanliness and comfort of the campus
4.Preparing consumption for students in the teaching and learning process
5.Assisting the secretary in carrying out lecture activities, especially related to photocopying, binding, and preparing LCDs and air conditioners in each room


Assist the Head of Academic Development in terms of:
1.Maintain security on campus/td>
2.Helping organize student parking on campus
3.Manage traffic in and out of the campus area
4.Help cleaning service in relation to the use of air conditioning and room lights.

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