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Undiknas Graduate School has an alumni association that is a member of a university-level alumni organization called Undiknas Alumni (formerly called Undiknas Alumni Association). Especially for graduates of the Undiknas Postgraduate Program, they have their own commissariat, namely the Commissariat of the Undiknas Postgraduate Alumni Association, with the management coming from the Master of Management (MM) Study Program, Master of Public Administration (MPA) Study Program, and Master of Law (ML) Study Program.

The existence of this alumni organization has a strategic role and position, because alumni activities always synergize with the institution's programs. In each curriculum review workshop, the management of the alumni association is also involved to be asked for input on improving the learning process, as well as material changes that if considered necessary to be updated in accordance with the demands of the development of the business world. The large number of alumni who become company leaders and bureaucratic leaders, provides benefits for the academic community in establishing relationships (networking), especially in facilitating the implementation of the Tridharma of Higher Education.

Forms of alumni participation that have been carried out so far include donating funds to help renovate the postgraduate building. In addition, alumni also contributed facilities and infrastructure in the form of:

1. Granito floor
2. Guest sofa
3. Painting
4. LCD and screen
6. Samsung Tab
7. Laptop
8. Printer
9. Books of literature
10. Sound system & microphone
11. and others

Several alumni activity programs that are in contact with the community include blood donation activities, free health checks, hatchling releases, beach cleanups, tree planting in South Bali mangrove forests and are also involved in the "Bugar Bersama Sekolah Pascasarjana Undiknas (BBSPU)" event. BBSPU activity is a togetherness event held on a scheduled basis by the Undiknas Graduate School every semester with core activities in the form of sports and entertainment and Top 3 Awards.

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