Class Room and Other Facilities

The smoothness of the learning process cannot be separated from the availability of facilities. In relation to the provision of these facilities, the Undiknas Postgraduate Program has provided 2 campuses, namely Building A and Building B. Although Building B is currently being designed for improvement or repair, both regarding physical and facilities and infrastructure. The current room area for Building A 3 floors only is 1142 m2. The use of all rooms is for classrooms, auditorium rooms, lecturer rooms, libraries, administration and others with details as in the infrastructure table below.

In order to maintain comfort, all of these spaces have been equipped with several equipment such as; air conditioning (AC), internet facilities, including other supporting facilities. Even for lecture halls have been equipped with LCD Projector, Glass Board, office stationery, Laptop, Sound System, Microphone, lighting, comfortable tables and chairs of lecturers and students including CCTV installed in every corner of the room to monitor the safety and quality of learning. All rooms on each floor of the building have been covered with WI-FI with three internet sources with a speed of 100 Mbps each and on each floor of the building has been installed access points with a wide range. The supporting facilities used mostly use digital and computerized facilities so as to ensure the implementation of the Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi program that is fast, accurate, effective and efficient.

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