Class Room and Other Facility


Teaching learning process cannot be separated by the availability of facilities. In connection with the provision of the Postgraduate Program has been providing campus of 2 unit buildings, namely Campus A and Campus B. Campus B, it is currently designed to reform or improvement, both related to physical and infrastructure. Spacious room held today for Campus A course is an area of 511 m2. Utilization of the whole room is for classrooms, auditoriums, lecture rooms, library, administration and other details are as follows.

Class Room : 7 x 9 meter = 63 m2 by 5 room
Computer Lab : 7 x 9 meter = 63 m2 in 1 room
Common room : 7 x 9 meter = 63 m2 in 1 room
Library : 7 x 9 meter = 63 m2 in 1 room
Meeting room : 7 x 9 meter = 63 m2 in 1 room
Lecturer Room : 7 x 9 meter = 63 m2 in 1 room
Auditorium : 7 x 18 meter = 126 m2 in 1 room
KPS Room : 3 x 3 meter = 9 m2 by 2 rooms
Admission Room : 7 x 7 meter = 49 m2 in 1 room
Vice Director Room : 3,5 x 3,5 meter = 12.25 m2 by 2 room
Director Room : 7 x 4 meter = 28 m2 in 1 room
Temple : 5 x 5 meter = 25 m2 in 1 building
Mushola : 1 x 3 meter = 3 m2 in 1 room
Toilet : 4 x 4 meter = 16 m2 by 3 each stairs

In order to maintain the comfort atmosphere, all rooms have been equipped with some equipment such as; air conditioner, internet facilities, including coffee break and other supporting facilities. Even for a lecture hall equipped with LCD Projector, White Board, stationery, Laptop, Sound System, Microphone, lighting, tables and chairs lecturers and students are comfortable including CCTV installed at each corner of the room to monitor the safety and quality of learning. The entire room covered with internet access (WI-FI) with a speed of 3 Mbps and on each floor of the building has been installed an access point to a wide range. Facilities which are used mostly by means of digital and computerized so as to ensure the implementation of the program Tri Darma Perguruan Tinggi fast, accurate, effective and efficient.

In connection with the provision of education infrastructure, not only the aspect of quantity, but the quality aspects become an inseparable part, so that the existence of these facilities has been very adequate to support the learning process as expected. As explained above, then in the next five years, to meet the growing need for space, the Campus B located in front of the Postgraduate of Campus A Undiknas will be repaired or renovated. The campus will be prepared for the opening of new courses, namely Master of Accounting and Master of Law.

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