Computer Labs

To further improve the understanding of the importance of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in private and understanding of the development of ICT applications in the campus of the Undiknas Postgraduate Program, it prepares a computer lab room.

The computer lab is located on the third floor of the building A Undiknas Business School. This has a number of computer lab of 20 computers and each computer is backed up with good hardware specs and software, the computers are installed by Microsoft Office, SPSS, Amos, etc. Each computer is also connected to a local area network and the Internet with speeds up to 3 Mbps.

The computer lab can accommodate 25 people, which are facilitated with LCD projector and Full AC, so that the learning process in this laboratory to walk comfortably. Participants can use the computer lab by their own, then participants will better understand by given the explanation from the lecturer, as direct participants to practice using the computer when the lecturer explanation.

The number of computers will continue to be added and upgraded according to the needs of students with learning expectations of students or participants in laboratories can use the facilities evenly and as well as possible so as to create a high learners understanding of the development of Information Communication Technology.

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