The existence of a library owned by the Undiknas Denpasar Postgraduate Program is an important supporting factor in teaching and learning process activities and has a significant effect on the smooth teaching and learning process. Currently the library space owned by the Undiknas Denpasar Postgraduate Program is 63 m2. The existence of the library has also been equipped with a Library Management Information System (Simperpus) which can be accessed on a computer in the library. Where Simperpus manages the processing of book data, borrowing and returning data and searching for books by title, author or publisher with the location of the shelf where the books are stored. All of that helps processing library data easily and quickly.

       The Undiknas Denpasar Postgraduate Program Library currently has a collection of 2,317 textbook titles with a total of 4,815 copies, all of which have been properly computerized using Simperpus. The book collection for the Master of Management study program is 1,462 titles with a total of 3,908 copies while the Master of Public Administration study program has a total of 627 book titles with a total of 1,361 copies and the Master of Law study program has 228 titles with a total of 887 copies. Our collection of theses has 317 titles and we will continue to add them as needed. For the collection of national journals accredited by the Higher Education, there are 22 titles with a total of 242 copies and 19 international journals with a total of 186 copies. For the Proceedings collection, there are 35 titles with a total of 64 copies.

Information and library visitor service time:
Monday to Friday : 08.30 s / d 20.00

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