The existence of libraries that is owned by Undiknas Business School is a key enabler in the teaching and learning process and directly has proved a significant influence on the smooth process of learning. The existence of libraries has been equipped with the Library Management Information System (SIMPERPUS) installed on one computer library. Where SIMPERPUS organize data processing books, borrow and return the data and the search for books by title, author or publisher of the location of the shelf where books are stored. All the help of data processing libraries are easily and quickly. Currently the vast library space owned by the Undiknas Business School is 126m2 with details of 63 m2 reading room, and discussion room 63 m2.
        Library Undiknas Business School, currently has a collection of textbooks as many as 2069 titles with copy number are 5,509 copies of the books that all of the data have been computerized by either using SIMPERPUS. Collection of books for the study program Master of Management are 1,742 titles by the number of copies are 5122 copies, while the Master of Public Administration study program are 327 titles of books with copy number 387 copies. As for the collections of our thesis are 347 titles and we will continue to add as needed. For a collection of national journals accredited by DIKTI are three titles which the number of 42 copies. The international journals are 3 titles which are 72 copies. Proceedings for the collections are 3 titles with a total of 10 copies.

Information and service time visitors to the library :
Monday until Wednesday : At 08.00 until 16.00
Thursday until Saturday : At 16.00 until 22.00
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