Bugar Bersama Undiknas Graduate School June 2023 Period

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Undiknas Graduate School again held a joint event "Bugar Bersama Undiknas Graduate School", Saturday 24 June 2023 which was attended by all active students in the Master of Management Study Program, Master of Public Administration, Master of Law and Doctor of Management Programs as well as representatives of the Study Program Alumni Association MM. The event started with a leisurely stroll, janger exercises, breakfast, and the announcement of the Top Students Awards. At the Top Students Awards event, the Top 3 and Top 10 winners were announced based on the semester and cumulative grade point averages for each class. With the Top Students Awards, it is hoped that it can spur students to compete to be the best in their class.

On this happy occasion, it was also coupled with the celebration of the 23rd anniversary of the Undiknas Graduate School. This celebration was marked by cutting the tumpeng by the Director of the Undiknas Graduate School and releasing balloons into the air by representatives of the MM Study Program alumni association and representatives of Undiknas Postgraduate School students.

The event was then closed with suave and singing together in a circle. Bugar Bersama Undiknas Graduate School Event is not just a health event but also a togetherness event to build networks, strengthen kinship between students, lecturers and Undiknas Graduate School employees. Hopefully useful and thank you for your participation. Greetings togetherness & Have a nice weekend guys..

Greetings Globally. Smart .

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