Undiknas Graduate School Farewell Party January 2024 Period

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Undiknas Graduate School again held a Farewell Party Event on Saturday (27/1/2024) at the Gorda Sambreg Dwitunggal Denpasar Auditorium. The Farewell Party participants this time came from the Master of Management, Master of Public Administration and Master of Law study programs. In total there were 52 students who were declared to have graduated from the three study programs, consisting of 37 students from the Master of Management study program, 1 student from the Master of Public Administration study program, and 14 students from the Master of Law study program.

At this event it was announced that 94.2% of students graduated cum laude. In the Master of Management study program, there were 34 graduates who received cum laude honors with the highest GPA of 4.00, achieved by 5 people, namely Muhammad Miftahudin Zein, Leo Agung Puri Bowo Laksono, I Gusti Ayu Agung Kristina Dewi, Ketut Aryati Utami, and I Made Dena Julio Mahendra Saputra. The cum laude predicate was also achieved by 1 graduate from the Master of Public Administration study program. Meanwhile, for the Master of Law Study Program, all graduates achieved cum laude honors with the highest GPA achieved by 2 people, namely Made Fajar Ari Wibawa Putra and Komang Agus Gede Adi Putra with a GPA of 4.00. At this event, free thesis & thesis examination awards were also announced to students who successfully published scientific articles in Rank 2 SINTA Accredited National Journals or reputable International Journals indexed by Scopus, namely Ni Putu Grace A. Lande (Scopus Q2), Devi Henjang Mamuli Rara ( Scopus Q4), I Komang Gede Indrawan (SINTA 2), Akhwan Prayogi (SINTA 2), Ida Ayu Vinda Arini (SINTA 2), Ni Made Indah Corry Andani (SINTA 2), Ni Wayan Eka Mustika (SINTA 2), Rai Widiatmika (SINTA 2).

Congratulations and success to students who have graduated today. We apologize if there was something unpleasant during the lecture process.

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