Top Students Award & Welcoming Students January 2024 Period

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With continuous innovation and the quality of learning and graduates continuing to improve, the Undiknas Graduate School is increasingly in demand by the public, both local, national and international, in continuing their education at master's (S2) and doctoral (S3) levels.< /p>

Today, (28/1/2024), the Undiknas Postgraduate School held a Hybrid Welcoming Students & Top Students Award Event for the Master of Management (MM), Master of Public Administration (MAP), and Master of Law (MH) study programs as well as the Doctoral Program Management Science (PDIM).

The welcoming and introduction event for new students was guided directly by the Director of the Undiknas Postgraduate School, Prof. Ir. Gede Sri Darma, S.T., M.M., CFP®., D.B.A., IPU., ASEAN Eng. accompanied by the Head of the MM Study Program Prof. Luh Putu Mahyuni, Ph.D., CMA., CSP., and Head of the MH Study Program Dr. I Gede Agus Kurniawan, S.H., S.S., M.H., CRBC., CCD. and Head of the PDIM Study Program Prof. Dr. HE. Oka Martini S.E., M.M., HRM.

This happy occasion was also combined with the announcement of the Top Students Awards. At the Top Students Awards event, the Top 3 and Top 10 winners were announced based on semester and cumulative achievement indexes for each class. With the Top Students Awards, it is hoped that it can encourage students to compete to become the best in their class.

Welcome to MM Batch 64, MAP Batch 42, MH Batch 16 and PDIM Batch 3 students at the Undiknas Postgraduate School, a place to study intelligently to compete on a global and digital level.

Undiknas Graduate School, Accelerate Your Digital Talent For Better Future.

Global Greetings. Smart . Digital

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