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Master Management

Vision, Mission, Significance, Achievement Strategy
Establishment of Decree : 95/DIKTI/Kep/2000, Dated April 17, 2000
Official signing of Letter Establishment : Satryo Soemantri Brojonegoro
Month & Year Commencement of Operation : July 2000
Letter of Operating Permit Number : 7160/D/T/K-VIII/2011, Dated May 23, 2011
Rating (Score) Accreditation : A (Very Good)
Nomor SK BAN-PT : 201/SK/BAN-PT/Ak-SURV/M/VII/2014, Dated February 29, 2014

Vision of Master Management

By referring to the vision and strategic plan of Undiknas Post Graduate, then created a vision as follows :
Be a source of professional labor for the Indonesian people and the global master comprehensive knowledge management

Mission of Master Management

Based on this vision and consider the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges posed by, then Master Management Undiknas has a mission that graduates the graduation :
1. Able to master the science of management comprehensively, both conceptual and practical;
2. Have professional skills functionally and technically, so as to solve problems in a complex organizational environment turbulence;
3. Have the ability to compete, tough and resilient in facing the challenges of the job and able to work under pressure of time and the achievement of targets;
4. Have the ability to inspire and motivate others.
5. Have the ability to manage human resources, multicultural;
6. Have the ability to conduct business negotiations between cultures, both Indonesian culture and foreign culture;
7. Having a high awareness of the ethical and moral values embodied in the noble teachings of every religion.

Master of Management Program Objectives

In order to carry out the mission, Master Management Undiknas set some strategic goals with the following formula :
1. To produce graduates in the field of management science graduate level that has a profound conceptual ability and strong analytical power, so as to develop and apply their knowledge in practice;
2. To produce graduates who are able to do research in order to develop science;
3. Carrying out community service activities in accordance with competence in the field in order to improve the welfare of society.

Achieving Goals and Strategy Master of Management

Medium-term goals to be achieved by Master Management Undiknas are :
1. Realization of graduates who are able to master skills with managerial and technical skills are very good;
2. Realization of graduates who can become a researcher in the development of science and technology;
3. The realization of graduates who have a high social responsibility to the community and the environment;
4. To produce graduates who are able to do the job in a professional and managerial competence and competitive advantage in the national and global level, and able to work under pressure due to the work that occupied;
5. Produce graduates who can be accepted at leading universities to continue their studies at a higher level (Doctoral);
6. Increased capabilities of academicians independent (independent), autonomy and the ability to direct himself (self-directed) in a variety of academic activities;
7. Cooperation with the community, industry, and the government implemented very well;
8. Cooperation in the field of education and research with similar educational institutions at regional level (CAFTA) and globally implemented very well.

Strategies that have been made include :
1. Has educational materials and curricula relevant and forward in meeting the needs of academics, industry, and profession;
2. Run the education process efficient and effective;
3. Implement with excellent Quality Assurance System (MSS) covering aspects of academic and non-academic;
4. Provides a learning process that uses the latest information technology (up to date);
5. Increasing knowledge and quality of lecturers through the organization and participation in seminars, workshops and training national and / or international;
6. Improve the knowledge and the quality of students through training, seminars, public lectures and the like;
7. Students who received value Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) minimum score of 450 and a minimum score of 500 to pass the time;
8. Lecturers create their own textbooks using various sources (text books, internet, etc.);
9. To provide maximum resources to support the various programs of cooperation that will be realized.
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