Student Achievement Information of Undiknas Graduate School

The following is the data on Academic and Non-Academic Achievement of Undiknas Graduate School Students:

No Event Name Academic/Non-Academic Year of Acquisition Level Achievements Achieved
1 International Enrichment Program to Edith Cowan University Academic 2019 International International Student Qualification
2 Indonesia Inventors Day Academic 2021 International Team Supervisor with bronze medal
3 Satgas Tim Hospitality G20 Bandara International I Gusti Ngurah Rai Non-Academic 2022 International World Customs Organization Certificate of Merit
4 Thailand Inventors Day Academic 2022 International Supervisor team dengan perolehan Silver Medal
5 Malaysia Technology Expo Academic 2023 International Team Supervisor with Gold Medal
6 4th International Dental Physiology Quiz University of Malaya Academic 2019 International 3rd Place
7 International Enrichment Program by Undiknas University & Edith Cowan University Academic 2022 International 2nd Place Group Presentation
8 Bank Indonesia Innovation Award 2019 Non-Academic 2019 National 1st Innovation Award BI 2019 (Product/Service Innovation Category)
9 Bank Indonesia Innovation Award 2020 Non-Academic 2020 National 1st Innovation Award BI 2020 (Category Policy Innovation)
10 Bank Indonesia World Book & Copyright Day 2020 Academic 2020 National 1st Place in Book Review Video
11 DIGIFESTABI 2021 (Digital Festival Talenta Bank Indonesia) - BI Religi Salam 2021 Non-Academic 2021 National Winner of BI Religion Salam 2021 (Hindu-Buddhist)
12 DIGIFESTABI 2021 (Bank Indonesia Digital Talent Festival) - Nusantara Dance Creation Competition Non-Academic 2021 National 3rd Place in Individual Nusantara Dance Creation Competition
13 PORPROV BALI XV Non-Academic 2022 Local/Region 3rd Place in Men's Fairway Team Woodball
14 Buleleng CUP 2022 Non-Academic 2022 Local/Region 3rd Place in Men's Fairway Team Woodball
15 Gianyar CUP 2019 Non-Academic 2019 Local/Region 3rd Place in Men's Fairway Team Woodball
16 The 10th Annual Indonesia MarkPlus Festival 2022 Non-Academic 2022 Local/Region Sales Person of The Year 2022
17 The 9th Annual Indonesia MarkPlus Festival 2021 Non-Academic 2021 Local/Region Field Promotor of The Year 2021
18 Utsawa Dharma Gita XIV National Level Non-Academic 2021 National 1st Place in Religious Hymns
19 Utsawa Dharma Gita Bali Province Non-Academic 2019 Local/Region 1st Place
20 Utsawa Dharma Gita Provinsi Bali Kabupaten Badung Non-Academic 2019 Local/Region 1st Place
21 National Level Quiz Competition Academic 2021 National 1st place (team)
22 Undiksha Indonesian Debate Academic 2019 Local/Region 2nd Place
23 Students Traditional Dance Festival Non-Academic 2020 National Featured Presenter in Student Category
24 Charter of Honor of the President of the Republic of Indonesia Non-Academic 2019 National Satyalancana Karya Satya XX
25 Miss Grand Bali Non-Academic 2019 Local/Region 2nd Place
26 State Asset Management Innovation Competition Team Non-Academic 2021 National 1st Place
27 Mikroskil Powerful Training Non-Academic 2019 Local/Region MPT Career Achievement Student
28 Risk Management Level III Academic 2021 National Competent
29 Inovation dan Creativity for Baking Leader Academic 2022 National Participants
30 Innovative Account Representative Academic 2023 National Innovative Account Representative Initiator of Supervision Innovation in 2022: Online Retail Trade Taxpayer Supervision
31 Siloam Group Research Academic 2020 National 3rd Place
32 Utsawa Dharma Gita Hindu Religious Hymns (Kemenag RI) Non-Academic 2021 National 1st Place
33 Young Talented Singing Competition, Education Festival and Creative Economy Industry Non-Academic 2021 Local/Region 1st Place
34 Kasinfo#6 Academic 2021 Local/Region 1st Place
35 The Best Work Accident Service Center Competition BPJS EMPLOYMENT Bali Nusa Tenggara Papua Region in 2022 Non-Academic 2022 National 2nd Place
36 National Utsawa Dharma Githa Non-Academic 2022 National 2nd Place
37 Sales Person Selection Academic 2022 National Sales Person of The Year
38 Indonesia Marketeers Festival Academic 2021 National Field Promotor of The Year
39 WALIKOTA CUP Taekwondo Championship 2019 Academic 2019 Local/Region 1st Place
40 Profession Oath Academic 2022 National Best III Profession Ners

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